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Cararthron®/Chalmers Dale Privacy Policy and Terms & Conditions

CARARTHRON.COM.AU/CHALMERSDALE.COM.AU provides a secure environment for you to purchase Cararthron® products online.


The security of your personal information and credit card details is a high priority. uses the SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) protocol to ensure that your credit card details are kept secure. An SSL-secure web page may be identified by an unbroken lock or key appearing in the status bar at the bottom of the browser window. The SSL system on this website encrypts data so that information is protected during transmission, ensuring that the only people with access to it are yourself and our banking institution, the National Australia Bank. Your credit card information is sent to National Australia Bank‘s Payment Gateway via eWay for approval, and is not stored in our Website’s database. eWay is Australia’s leading payment gateway and provides a highly reputable secure service.

No credit card details are stored on the Cararthron®/Chalmers Dale server at any time. You can shop on-line at with the confidence that this is a secure site.

Our SSL certificate is provided by Comodo.


Credit card details are NOT stored at We provide alternatives for payment and if you prefer, you can send your credit card information by fax, telephone or mail. For more information, contact orders(at)


All information provided by customers (such as credit card details) is used solely for the purchase of products. Credit card details are NOT stored in any way at Cararthron®/Chalmers Dale is committed to consumer privacy and confidentiality, and will not distribute consumers’ information (such as e-mail addresses) to a third party under any circumstances (unless we are legally bound by statute to do so). If you believe you have received ‘spam’ e-mail or or unsolicited material from, please forward the e-mail as an attachment to abuse(at)">abuse(at)

Should our Privacy Policy be amended or altered in any way, we will inform all customers of subsequent changes or deletions on this page by e-mail.  We are committed to keeping you up to date with how we deal with your information, how it is used and under what circumstances Cararthron®/Chalmers Dale disclose said information.


Like most online shopping systems, our shopping cart uses a browser feature called a ‘cookie’. Cookies are small files which are placed on your computer’s hard drive which are used to store small amounts of information (such as the contents of your shopping cart) during your time at‘s online store. Cookies are not used to access or collect any information on your computer: they are used to enhance and facilitate your online shopping experience.


Any faulty or damaged stock will be replaced at no charge or refunded. Please contact us immediately if your goods are faulty or damaged in any way. Should the customer choose to ask for a refund on undamaged stock, please do not open the package, and inform us within 7 days to receive a refund. Postage will be paid by the customer.


Cararthron®/Chalmers Dale uses the Australia Post Registered Mail System to deliver orders.  All parcels will be delivered to the address provided when ordering.

Parcels will be dispatched the business day after the order is received, if goods are in stock. However, when a dispatch is likely to be late due to a shortage of stock, or any other reason, we will be in communication with you immediately after your order is received.


All orders outside Australia are dispatched with Australia Post Air Mail. Most orders are expected to arrive within two weeks, although delays may be incurred due to the postal or customs systems of the receiving country. Should your package not arrive within two weeks of your order being placed, please e-mail orders(at) and we will be in contact with you.

Within Australia, regular mail is used. Mailing days are dictated by the delivery timetable of Australia Post.


Within Australia
Orders up to AUD$200 AUD$7.00
Orders totalling AUD$200 or more Free!
Outside Australia Asia/Pacific USA/Canada/Middle East Rest of the World
Orders up to AUD$300 AUD$20.00 AUD$25.00 AUD$30.00
Orders totalling AUD$300 or more Free! Free! Free!


When a package is sent to Japan, the tax of customs duty and a consumption tax are fundamentally imposed on the total goods amount. Although the items are of [18.3% of customs duties +5% of consumption taxes] = a total of 23.3%, judgment of each taxation official may be charged in fact lower than nearby and regulation tax rates. Although a customs duty will be applied in a customhouse only when it is inspecting unannounced at random among all cargo and corresponds by this inspection, please understand it as that by which a customs duty is imposed on all private importation articles on you. Since you pay when there is connection of taxation from administration of Japan on the occasion of goods delivery, please be aware of these regulations.


Since the law of each country differs, please be aware of the relevant tax and tariff information for in the country in which you live.


Up to 24 of each type of product may be purchased. If customs administration determines that the quantity purchased will not be able to be consumed by the customer within three months [in the case of private importation] three months, goods will be returned to our company, without entering the customs. To circumvent this restriction in quantity, after setting between about 2-3 weeks from one order, we recommend you to place another order or to provide several receiving addresses.

For countries outside Japan, please confirm the specifics of allowable purchase quantities.


All goods are listed in Australian Dollars ($AUD). As for the conversion rate at the time of credit card use, the conversion rate of each card issuer at the time of dealings is applied. Current conversion rates can be calculated at


Please keep in mind that Cararthron®/Chalmers Dale aims to offer all customers the highest quality of service possible. However, since we are based in Australia, we comply to Australian standards and regulations, and are unable to guarantee that these regulations are accepted in all other countries. As such, please understand that no responsibility can be taken by our company about any problems generated by our products in countries other than Australia.


All information on the website is protected by relevant copyright legislation and other applicable international treaties. No part of the website, including both content and graphics, may be copied or used without the express permission of Chalmers Dale & Co. Pty. Ltd.


The information and content displayed on carries no warranty whatsoever, and is not intended for the purposes of treatment, diagnosis, or prevention of disease(s). Although we make every possible effort to provide the most accurate information, no warranty or guarantees can be made on the accuracy or completeness of the information.

Product information on this site is for informational purposes only, and is not intended to be a substitute for professional medical advice. Please consult your doctor, medical practitioner, pharmacist, or other qualified healthcare provider regarding any questions you may have before following any of the information displayed on


Cararthron®/Chalmers Dale & Co. Pty. Ltd. aims to supply the the most recent and accurate information and pricing of products within the site. We are not liable for any price changes or any other change or increase in product prices, nor are we liable for changes in packaging, description, label, or illustration of any product depicted within Prices are subject to change without notice. Chalmers Dale & Co. Pty. Ltd. does not accept liability for any items which may be unavailable through being out of stock or discontinued.