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I was diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis eighteen months ago and my health has rapidly deteriorated. I got to the stage where I was in constant pain, had both hands in splints and was fast becoming a cripple. My doctor had tried most of the standard drugs and I had awful allergic reactions to many of them. I endured painful gold injections which gave only temporary relief, and I was taking cortisone and far too many pain killers. I feared for my long term health so I decided to stop taking all medication and try a different approach.

I saw Cararthron® on “A Current Affair” and decided to try it. The results have been amazing. Relief from pain, no allergic reactions, and I have my hands back. I can drive and am even happy to do my own housework.

— Julie K, Seaford

I first took Cararthron® three times a day for 10 days, then one a day for 21 days. The inflammation in my joints and neck has not returned.

— Craig N, Endeavour Hills

Late 1988 I started to suffer arthritis. I was prescribed anti-inflammatory drugs which I was on until 2002. I had a fall, which resulted in a fractured pelvis and trauma to my shoulder, elbow, hip, and knee. There was a lot of discomfort. A specialist nurse who works with my daughter suggester to her that I try Cararthron®. The results were excellent. I started with 3 tablets per day and after two months was down to 1 tablet per day. Recently, I was able to go three weeks without taking anything.

— M Stevens, Monash

I had a bad car accident 20 years ago and damaged my knee. Recently, I have been using various products to help manage the pain and discomfort of my knee: glucosamine for about 12 months together with anti-inflammatory Vioxx. The results have been fair, however for the past 2 months I have been using Cararthron® and the results have been amazing. I started with 3 a day and have just gone back to 2 a day.

I can honestly tell you I am walking (briskly) 6kms through the bush — up and down hills — with no discomfort or pain… and loving every step.

— Danny O, Gippsland

Geoff and I are very happy with the results from taking Cararthron for 10 days now. We take two in the morning and two after dinner and have been sleeping better and feeling much better.

In my case, my knee feels like it is healing, and I can walk without pain for half the day now. At night, I only wake up when I switch sides or move the pillow I use to elevate the knee. My kidneys and bladder feel more balanced and I am only getting up about 3 times a night instead of 6 or 7. Both of us do not have that indigestion to get with taking mobic. I am doing my exercises for the leg and thigh muscles morning and night and they are getting easier again. There is less swelling in my bad knee.

— Barbara B

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